A Message
For Artist Hearts


If you knew
You could be the best at what you do
What would you do
Would you be inspired to create
Courageous to share your creations
Confident to inspire and lead
Delirious to dream
Drunk on the pursuit of your true desires
Wild with wonder
Fearless to face the thoughts that fill the empty spaces
Of your wandering mind
Would you be kind to yourself
Would you be unafraid
Knowing the world needs you
Knowing you have no choice
But to fulfill the static potential always surrounding you
To dive in and play with the clay
Knowing it’s all you want to do
It’s all you have to do
Because you’re the best at what you do
You absolutely are
Cause no one else could ever be you
Or do what you do
You are the only you
You are the best in the world at whatever you do
So start acting like it
The world is waiting
Someone in the world needs to hear you
Needs to feel what you can express
Needs your art to undress their very psyche
And maybe, even more importantly
Someone in the world
Needs to know what you know
Longs to understand what you understand
What you have been through
What you have come to look at in new ways
And have come to clarify
To have new understanding for the purpose of growth
Someone out there is waiting for your translation
Of the possible outcome
Of the deep ocean they are drowning in
To know of the beautiful future waiting
If they just hang on
But they will never know
If you don’t show up
To create
To share
To inspire




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