Of Thought


Some days I feel so scattered
Drowning in the fully formed drops
Of melted thoughts
Like the pieces that make my mind
Are bloating my brain
And floating across the horizon
Farther and farther away
Each fleeting thought lost
Still alive but adrift
In an abyss
An eternal cosmic expansion
An endless bottomless sea
How can I pull it back up to me
Cast a net and anchor it down
Save the sinking idea about to drown
Hold it and mold it
Make some sense of it
Allow it to rest where it festers
Until it’s ready to grow
Perhaps I only need to let it go
And start all over again
Or give it space to know
The quiet within the questions
To release the resistance
To forget expectations
To collide in the stillness
Unti I am focused
Until I am peaceful
Until I am fearless
And ready to begin




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