Atomic Explosions
Cosmic Notions


From the beginning
Out of nothing
Or was it
Into being
Into you
Into me
From you
From me
Feel it to the depths of the atomic explosions
A door without a key
I am open to infinity
How to communicate our systems
I pursue the exchange
I want to assimilate
I want to sit in every corner and peer from every angle
I have confidence in the endless eternal pulse
And I know there is love
I have complete trust
But I still desire to inhale your acceptance
Despite the fact we perceive differently
Alternate realities
I still desire to breathe in your curiosity for me
Or at least your indifference
Why are there such immovable stakes
Around where I stand in my beliefs
We don’t have to be the same
I’m breathless by the beauty of the diversity
Will you always take your side
I dream of your experience if you were available to considerations
Why do we battle
We are surfing in the same water
We are all wandering within the same fire
You don’t see it that way
You think I am lost
You think I have no foundation upon where to calm my spirit
You will not ponder the ground upon which I fly
You turn your eye
You turn your heart
I have nothing to prove
I only wish you were not frozen
Unable to move when we share our introspections
Truth is purging within our misunderstandings
And I believe in you
Judgements are not of service for where I intend to go
I will never push
We are all where we need to be
I’m trying to live from where I can give even more now
That’s not selfish
It’s a process
You and me you and me you and me
Feel it to the depths of the atomic explosions
Cosmic notions
Evolving conceptions
Thrilling ideas




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