Is A Never-Ending


Beneath your feet
The earth opens up
The crust is rusted
It yearns to be free
It means nothing against you
It is destined for renovation
Just like you
But you don’t care
When you cannot stand straight
You cannot see towers ahead
You are blinded by blazes behind you
The lamps along the street leave devastation
In the wake of explosive conversations
Fragments of glass threaten your throat
Tangled snakes of wire joke with you
While seducing your ankles
You hang along the cracks in the earth
Hovering above a whole new dimension
Do not be afraid to let go
Only then you will know
What awaits beyond the free fall
Free fall
Fall into being
Being becomes
Becoming is a never-ending process
You will never stop changing
You will never stop being
Fall into being
Do not be afraid




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