Calling All Explorers


So much is still twisting and turning
Behind the scenes
Of what we have already discovered
Twisting through an invisible land
And an invincible love
That is very much alive
Within and around us
Turning and yearning and waiting
For our next baby step
Off the cliff of the known
While we flail uncontrollably
Down the rabbit hole
Above and below
So far above and way beyond the stars
Beyond the edges of the universe
And beyond our current telescopic capacities
So much below and within
Our very own bodies
So much dwelling within the atom
That we still cannot see
Below our current capacities to magnify
So much within our very own minds
Within the dark corners of our secrets
And beyond the light reflected from our souls
So much within books
And diaries and photographs
That already exist
And we will never be exposed to
Even if we spent our whole life
Seeking to absorb it all
So much to learn
That we didn’t even know
We didn’t even know
So much to realize
That we thought we knew
But we never really knew anything
So much we thought we understood
That we never understood at all
So much about ourselves
So much about each other
So much to be
And become
With intoxicating moments of waking up
And realizing
We are not the same
As we were before
We are magnificent and curious creatures
We are magical and powerful creators




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