Crazy Wild
Hearts On Fire


So let them think you are a crazy
You are crazy
Crazy about life and living
Wild about loving
Psychotic for experiences
Outside of your comfort zone
Out of your mind over experiencing
More than what is safe and secure
A lunatic wandering off the beaten path
So many have followed
Let them look at you
Like you’ve completely lost it
Cause you’re a misfit who takes chances
Yet takes responsibility for your choices
A raging renegade
Who never regrets the growth
In each risk taken or venture made
Even when you had to change your mind
Even when you look back wondering
What in the world you were thinking
The road not taken is not the path for everyone
It’s a beautifully brilliant if you do
Not everyone demands to hear the music
Through the noise
While others waste their time
Worrying about who is sane or right or normal
Carve your own body out from stone
And set it free to roam
Roam the world and wonders of the universe
Roam your own heart
And rediscover the curious part
That hides sometimes
Because you are lost in the daily grind to get by
Or are afraid of what someone might think
Roam deep inside the layers
Of your own personal, undeniably beautiful
And fascinating quintessence
Shine your light and truly think about
And decide who you want to be
Yet still love who you are
Love who you are as you fall down
And forget how fun life can be
Love yourself through the darkness
And believe in the light
Believe in the magic
Believe in the music
It will play again
We all forget who we are sometimes
But you can always find yourself
Or define yourself again
So embrace all the weird and all the quirks
Own them
Love them
Love yourself
And while we are at it
Love who you want to love
And don’t apologize for any of it




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