Of Expectation


A monster of their own
They creep into your lovers arms
More than your childhood rooms
Fiercely grasp upon your neck
And fill your head with illusion
An ever growing plantation of ideas
Designed to fill in the holes you don’t understand
Perceptions become delusions
And soon you have to stand up for yourself
For you have been betrayed
No! you have been led astray
By no one but yourself
Put a sharp pin into the floating head above you
A bubble
A blister to pop
It does not belong
A creation you have designed
By building ships on oceans made of eyes
That drip of blistering remains
No one has obligation
So your boat pointed out to sea
Is nothing but a myth
Look your lover in the eyes
Don’t lock them with your fits
For love is never binding
Dependence will keep you still
But freedom is loving without expectation
A boomerang that will
Surely return to you




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