Do I Leave Traces
In This Strange Land


Falling fast
Chest closing in
I notice I am sleeping
But I am too tired to wake myself up
I want to sleep
I haven’t slept for days
This fall feels like my soul is sinking out of me and I may die
And it scares me
And I think maybe I should wake myself up
But I am so tired
So I left myself fall
I am embraced in a purple sky full of color and light
And it takes my breath away
And I cannot sleep anyways because the pressure from the wind
Is too intense
Where will this lead
Is my body leaving me
Mad that I tried to leave it behind
I try to fly
And now I am in a cave
And I only run into the solid walls
But it does not hurt because I am asleep
Though I am awake
I don’t understand why it is so hard
Is there something in life holding me down
I see a man
I kiss him
I see my lover
And we embrace
Do I leave traces in this strange land
Feasts before me
Tempting ambrosial treats
Everything feels and tastes more electric here
Intensified to confuse and blend the worlds I thought I understood
Am I here for a purpose
Am I failing
I feel so aggressive but I only want to help
I only want to learn where this is




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