Don’t You Dare
Give Up


Feel the tremble
In the deepest chambers of the heart
The earthquake inside you
Faith exploding through darkness
Your faith on the horizon
Belief in what you cannot see
Faith in creation
Of you and all you never believed
Faith rolling off the mountain
Your grateful acceptance
Escalating in momentum
Desires echoed through silence
Don’t you dare give up
Don’t you dare give up
Your breath is a fountain
In the melting sands of the desert
The wild whisper inside you
A rare golden treasure
Your eyes wild in wonder
Curiosity in the seen and unseen
Curiosity in your creation
It doesn’t matter what you believe
You are moving earth’s mountains
Your unwavering persistence
Though you may change direction
You bring light to existence
Don’t you dare give up
Don’t you dare give up
I’ll never give up on you
So here you are
Where shall you go next




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