Existential Escapes


You came to find me
Said you never knew
The depths of our cerebral intertwining
Our visions for the beauty awaiting
Our intense awareness of every breath
And our existential escapes
Our defiance against what is
Our belief in change
In hopes of light
The possibilities of the future
Glorious flight
And our artist hearts
That long to understand
And form expression to inspire
You were on fire
A wild soul taking hold of the wind
And showing it who is in charge
Gently coaxing it away from the storms
And guiding it along the sea
To freely serve its purpose
You came to me
You said it was me
You wanted me
I was awake in a dream
I wondered if you knew
If you would wake
And remember me too
I am sure you do
You stayed all night
You unwrapped my thighs
A bow that knows you
Knew you in previous lives
Or in a poetic verse I read
A religious love
You always spoke of
Our divine alignment
You were intense and alive
In a perfect pursuit
I felt a perfect truth
A perfect sunrise
All insecurities of life
Became powers to fly
You realized we were all along
Preparing for each other
Blooming into enlightened birds
Ready to soar
I miss you more than ever
Opposite sides of the world
Awaiting a guided decision
When we again collide
Until the perfect time




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