Feel Me Out,
Feel Me up


I’m looking for something
I cannot tell
I cannot tell you
Follow me in the well
The rain is clear and warm
Drops of waterfalls
Taking our calls
Telling us to go home
But we just go on
Cause living it ain’t easy
If you wanna see bold colors
Baby do you still love me
Is this the way it’s supposed to be
Is this how you feel me out
Feel me up
Feel me up some more
I want you home with me
But I’m not going home
I’m looking for something
I’m looking for something
I cannot tell
So I cannot tell you oh no
Cause I don’t even know
But I still love you
And I’ll make it how I want it to be
I’ll make it how you want it to be
Be patient with me
Lay with me
Feel me out
Feel me up
Feel me right baby
Feel me tonight
Cause tonight baby
It’s all alright baby
Tonight baby
It’s all alright baby




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