Becomes Daybreak


It’s like a failing heartbeat
A chest that collapses in on itself
A heavy rock
That falls out from under you
Crumbles like an avalanche into the depths of the night
And you can’t catch your breath
The part of you that pumps blood and life
Through your whole body
Beats so hard and thick it makes you sick
Beats like a beast wanting to take your life
It feels like it was ripped right out of you
Like a gutted piece of fruit
The core that kept you together
Now a rotted target for hungry prey
It’s a fiery hurt that boils blood
A scalding pain you cannot possibly comprehend
Unless you have been it’s victim
Until you have been broken into shards like glass
Until you think every breath is your last
Every spark is now ash
But oh
Heartbreak is always in the past
That massive organ is so mysteriously brave
It is never still
It moves to move you
It lives to heal
Just like the wounds of your skin
You are powerful from within
Be kind to yourself and patient with your path
For it knows it’s strength
It knows the changes of seasons and the cycles of night
It will grow stronger and overflow undiscovered
Wonders of love
Love will seep through your pores and open new doors
You will glow from inside and rise up to light up the whole world




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