I Will Not Be
Chased Into The


Those days have left me behind
I told them to run
Run as fast as they can
I will not follow
I will not be chased into the hourglass
Trapped by seconds so fast
That race to find a future
Race to the edge of a cliff
Overlooking an endless valley
Of unknowns
While the very thought
Of pausing creates a tidal wave
Of anxious wonder
Of questioning why I’m here
And what I do
And who I am
I will not have the past
Laugh in my face
I chose this space
I love what we create
And I choose to live here
Right here
Right now
With our hot wet breath
And salty oceans of eyes
That see more than the disguises
More than costumes that cover creation
That cover the foundation
Of the moments in time
That mean everything
The moments in time
Frozen by the acknowledgment
That this single breath
Right here
Right now
Is so special




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