In Bloom
Without You


I felt detached
Distant from you
I did not understand why
Emotions tried to rationalize
I held back my reactions

Where are your hands
Sweetly calling for me
I am always on the wall
In bloom and forcing myself upon you
Wanting this to be grand
Beyond what we comprehend
Or what is the point

We have worlds to design
Time can be on our side
To be swept away is fine with me
But it must be grand

And I learn your tree stopped growing
It bore you years and years of fruit
To fly you around the world
To live in a material universe
When your spirit was wishing to learn

And now its branches are bare
And you are never here
Never present in your space
Your spirit seeking grace
Your heart afraid
Your soul waiting to be saved

And I watch
With my nose pressed close
On your window
But I am content here
With or without your tree
Or mine for that matter

I wish I could pour you a cup
But you won’t drink from me
You don’t believe I know
What you know
Or anything




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