Laugh Over Piles
Of Expectation


Looking out
I see the vastness
I take my fists
And pierce the glass
Break through the debris
Pull skies to me
Pull you to me
For we will be free
For we are the ‘fools’
Who will ride the tidal wave
Only to survive
And make waves of our own
Looking on
The lights are dim
I only see us
But we’re fierce like the wind
The danger is
Believing swine
Stepping in line
Drinking their wine
But we are the ‘fools’
Escaping their rules
Taking their pendulum pull
And changing it’s direction
Who laugh over piles of expectation
To open gates for exploration
Waves for honest administration
For ours and next generations
For we are the ‘fools’
Who want to make pearls
Who engage to galvanize change
To heal the world’s imperfections




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