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THE LIFE POEMS, For We Are Curious Poetic Creatures

THE LIFE POEMS is an ongoing and evolving art experiment composed of a collection of original words, sights, sounds, and poems about life as reflections and explorations of life and reality.

It is an inquisition into the subjective experience of words, their original meaning, their interpretation, and their influence upon the interpreter. THE LIFE POEMS is also a study into how words can change shape and form from the perspective of the framework from which they are presented.

Each person’s perception and relationship to words and their manifested expression come through their own unique filter of life experiences and beliefs. They weave their own stories throughout what they hear and see to create whole new stories from the abstractions found within the artworks. Or in this case, the “poems about life.”

Interestingly enough, these stories are not the end of the story. The perception of art, language, and music can evolve further on a personal level.

The words, sounds, or visuals which might have meant one thing to an individual at one point may connect the dots in whole new and profound way after someone has a new understanding, perspective, belief, or defining moment in life.

Upcoming projects and collaborations associated or related to the experiment THE LIFE POEMS include COLOR HYMNS, HANG ME ON YOUR WALL, HEARTLUST, HIEROPHANIC HIEROGLIPHICS, HUNGER OF EVE, POETIC ARIOSOS, and POETIC ATOMS.

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poems about life

A Ballerina Caught In A Dance With Destiny
A Dance In The Pond
A Drastic Pursuit For Nothing Less
A Letter To My Dear Love Time
A Message For Artist Hearts
Above The Skyfall
Abysm Of Thought
Aligned Ignited In Fire
Alive Behind Your Eyes
Ancient Stars Flowing Through Our Veins
Are You Paying Attention
Arrival Of The Train
At The End Of It All Nothing Else Matters
Atomic Explosions Cosmic Notions
Au Naturel Freedom
Bear Skins
Beasts And Bridges
Beasts That Rage
Beautiful Powers
Becoming Is A Never-Ending Process
Better Listen Up
Birds In Your Chest
Bless The Obsessed
Bones In The Sand
Bravehearts We Need You
Breaking The Statue
Bright Lights
Bubbling Over
Bulging Bonfires
Call Upon Me Darling
Calling All Explorers
Canon Balls On Crystal Bodies Of Desire
Capes Of Delirium
Changing Form Is A Good Thing
Cloud Meditations
Come Back Raindrop
Concreteness Of Existence
Conscious Evolution
Consumption Of The Dawn
Crazy Wild Hearts On Fire
Crystalized Thoughts With Potential
Dancers On The Edges Of Unanswerable Questions
Dancing Like Lions
Defied The Authorities To See That Face
Delusions Of Expectation
Depths Of Infinity Within Us
Distant Ships
Do I Leave Traces In This Strange Land
Do Not Curse The Roadblocks
Do Not Think When I Lay Myself Down I Am Anything Less Than A Wild Beast
Do You Believe In The Magic Inside You
Don’t You Dare Give Up
Drugs Inside Us
Electric Lightning Thunder
Engulf The World In Those Flames
Everlasting Desire That Overcomes It All
Exceptional Human
Existential Escapes
Explore You Explore Me
Fascination Strange
Feel Me Out, Feel Me up
Feel Our Bodies Frozen In Time
Fiery Flames Of Purity Inside
Filling The Cracks Of Perseverant Love
Focus On The Glow
Forest Kings
Forever The Stardust Our Hearts Are Made Of
Fragile Boundaries
From Here To Eternity
From Here To Eternity’s First Freedom
Fucking Watch Me
Gasping For The Flash
Good God You’re A Gift
Guilty Only In Our Silent Confessions
Hang Me On Your Wall
Heartbreak Becomes Daybreak
Heartlust, The Poem
Hearts On Fire Stalking That Wire
High Above The Downpour
How To Reach The Mountain When Drowning In The Sea
I Cannot Wait For You To Get Here
I Know But I Want To
I Love Nights Like These
I Love The Middle Of The Night
I Stand Tall I Walk On
I Want You Beside Me
I Will Always Hear You When You Call
I Will Not Be Chased Into The Hourglass
I Would Have Never Known Without Us
If It Hadn’t Come Apart
Ignitions And Echoes
Immaculate Proclamations
In A Dream Or In A Love
In Bloom Without You
In Honor Of Our Future
In The Shade Of The Flowering Tower
Incalescent Moments Of Existing
Ingredients For A Delicious Destiny
June Morning
Jungle Book
Laugh Over Piles Of Expectation
Light In Disguise Please Erupt From Inside Me
Like A New Pilot In The Skies
Little Firecracker
Looking For Lullabies
Love Like A Piece Of Fluff
Magic Of Aliveness
Make Love To None Make Love To You
Melted Into My Flesh
Mind Of Our Own
Missing You
Moonlight Gardening
More Than A Fever
More Than Skeleton Bones
My God I Love You
My Golden Shield Of Brightness
Mysterious Mornings
Naked And Free
Names Are Inconsequential
Never-Ending Fountains Of Wonder
No Matter What Happens
No One Can Shed Your Skin For You
No One Really Knows But We All Have Suspicions
Nothing Is Ever Wasted
Oh How I Love Your Lightning Bolts
Oh How You Still Come So Often
Oh Leaders Of Love
Oh The Journey
On And On My Heart Was Calling
Only You Break Your Own Heart
Our Endless Expansive Existence
Our Hunger Overcomes Our Fall
Our Magnificent World
Our Never-Ending Hunger
Our Ways
Pale Hopes Filled With Dimensions Of Colors We Never Knew
Particle Theories
Patterns Of Patterns
Peace Dreamers
Pearls Of An Entangled Path
Poetic Experiences
Poof… It’s Practically Magic
Rebels Since The Beginning Of Time
Recurring Realities
Red Hot
Remind Me Every Day
Respect For What Once Was
Revel In The Quest
Rigid Locks Rigid Lens
Ripples Into Timespace
Roaring Echoes
Share Who You Are
She Is A Living Breathing Statue
She Wants You To Come So Much She Runs
Shine It To The World
Small Yet Luminous
So Much To Give
Society Goals
Soldiers Marching In The Distance
Spread The Word
Stay Open
Steel To Oil To Gas
Swimming In Deep Heart
Take Me Under Your Shelter
Thank You For Your Unstable Love
The Bear Will Be Cared For And So Will I
The Bending Branch
The Breath Of Freedom
The Brilliance In Transitional Experience
The Calm After The Storm
The Cosmos Between Our Bodies
The Dust Everywhere Will Eventually Clear
The Endless Beating Of The Heart Inside The Clock
The Epiphanies Of A Rising Desire
The Essence Of Aberrant Choices
The Eternal Majesty
The Evaporation Of Mud Puddles
The Freedom Is Belonging
The Fuse Versus The Muse
The Fuse Versus The Muse
The Howling
The Hunger For Action
The Imminent Fork
The Journey Is A Part Of The Answer
The Lifeblood Of The Cosmos
The Miraculous Cycle
The Most Important Love Affair There Ever Was
The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Look For
The Only Dimension Of Time We Can Truly Appreciate
The Realms Of Intention
The Sky Falls Every Time I Say Goodbye To You
The Sticky Goo Virus
The Suspense Of Us
The Temptations Of Pie
The Value In Truth
The Very Breath
The Wild Beauty Within You
There Is No Stopping It
They Can Only Be Loved They Can Never Be Tamed
To Speak Of You Is To Sparkle
Transformational Truth
True Freedom
Unafraid To Be Fully Who We Are
United In Wandering Curious Love
Unraveling The Secrets We Stopped Making Up In Our Heads
Unspoken Beauty
VIP Adventures
Waiting For Something To Change Changes Nothing
Waiting For The Whisperer
Walls Of Nothing Confining Me
We Can Only Laugh At These Indecisions
We Create The Meaning
We Will Run As Wild Horses
What Are You Thinking My Love
What Is Calling From Inside You
When Love Hurts
When The Haze Becomes Our Favorite Embrace
When The Sun Touches My Lips I Only Think Of His
Whispers In The Chaos
Who We Were Supposed To Be
Wild Heart Can’t Stay
Yes Yes Boom Boom
You Are My Magic In Bloom
You Are So Fucking Ready
You Can’t Run From Circumstance
You Make Me Feel Alive
You Ripple Through My Whole Body
You Speak To Me
You Would Never Understand If I Told You
Your Eyes Are No Exception
Your Perceptions Shape Your Reality


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