Light In
Disguise Please
Erupt From
Inside Me


Light in disguise
Please erupt from inside me
Come through me
Within me I feel you

Darkness invades
I embrace all the shades
Of the colors within us
It’s endless

The innocent truth
The blossom of youth
The purpose
We long to discover

Forgotten momentum
Hearts declare war
On the shadowy scars
Of our bodies

Spiderwebs in our chests
We break free from the webs
Of our personal
Tortured destruction

Softly melting mutating
Into the fabric beneath us
I fall through my bed
To the stars

Sleepless and restless
Oh come hold my harness
For I
Am not able alone

All night weighted caged
While weighing the ageless
That no one can answer

The sun arrives like a bullet
A goddess I knew it
Come through me
Within me I feel you




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