It’s not something to create
It just is
A simple truth of the macrocosmos
Of the microscosmos
It turns everything in creation
It thrives
It will not die
It will remain the force
Behind the base of every moment
Every illusion of time
Every thought sent out as vibrations
That molds our survival
That fights all that’s impossible
That fights all that’s opposite
To invest
In our visions and quests
Within reality
You can’t see it
But you can see its effect
On everything it embraces
Do not forget to remember
To call it near when you have fear
When the devil’s hand tickles your spine
For love is always waiting to surround you
All you have to do is accept it’s presence
It’s something to believe in
This pulsating love
It’s not something to define
Although we try
We try to combine our experiences
Only to grow bitter and broken
Because we had a broken heart
You don’t have to understand it
It needs nothing from you
Just close your eyes
And listen
To the beat that pumps a river
Of needles through every single pore
Needles that hurt so wondrously
So magnificently
You can lose your mind
To the power
Of the pleasure
From the pain
What can you gain
Insight. Heart. Connection.
Yet you need no one to glow
Within it’s eternal flow
You only need to know
It is always there
Become immersed
For once you begin to grasp it well
It’s something to give
It’s something to show
To share




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