Make Love
To None
Make Love
To You


Beside myself
Torn in two
Make love to none
Make love to you
The trees they know
Just what to do
No map to follow
No star of blue
But me I shake
I rattle through and through
Relief in your face
I feel renewed
After time fades
We forget the rain
The sheets are clean
No more stains
No more pillows
Spotted with drops from eyes
Cause no on slept there
No one cried
I took the adventure
Nothing else to do
If I remained
Nothing would have changed
Face to face again
I feel fresh
But what if my return
Brings my regret
And a return to slow
Heavy dragging feet
I know the pace
Of my heartbeat
It will not survive
The changing tides
My heart needs life
With conscious choice
Of all my mistakes
And I know more are to come
I just want peace
I just want to be home
But home is undefined
Blind in the sun
Make love to none
Make love to you




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