Melted Into
My Flesh


Slipped through your fingers
Lost in a memory’s sweet death
I remember the details of your face
I remember what you said
The softness of my skin
Inhaling every layer of me in
The depth of your questions
Requests of my moment
My past future reflections
I remember your eyes
The first night you met me
You made me look at you
And fall deep lost in blue ocean
I remember the sailboat
The heaviness of your body
Sleep as you lay curled upon me
I remember how we trusted
Any closer we would have combusted
Into a pile of ash
But instead we were fresh
Glorious innocence
And you loved me already
We were one, we were owned
A seed planted to grow
I wanted you to know
I may never let you go
From here to eternity
You live under my breath
You melted into my flesh




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