More Than


My heart unfolds and flows
Out and up upon the mountains
Like a pile of fresh laundry
Soft and clean
Open for all things
To lay upon
To jump within
To pull apart
To cover up
To embrace and delight
Sunlight strings
Dripping from cotton
Dangling upon my face
Tickling my tongue
Which has no words to speak
Eruptive feelings
Are not futile
But the basis of the unconscious being
That lives within
Enveloping your senses
Revolving through doors
Returning with a depth teasing the edge of my perception
We’ve made up stories
We’ve dug holes and buried the meaning of all we knew
Without knowing anything at all
Because our destination of mind
Can only grow into the space of understanding
By each gravitation and desire
Each sin each dream each suffering
Each knife in your back
Gun up your nose
Brings the birth of a storm in color
Explosive flowers in bloom
Within you
Birds in your chest
Giving you breath
Trees in your veins
Emptying aches
Holding you together
While you are still here
Until you lay on the earth
Skeleton bones
Paralyzing freedom
Sleeping eyes
Dimensions of life




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