One and yet many
Made of stardust
We are all one
Or so we’ve heard
The same particles
From the stars
All of us
But what if each particle
Is all just the same particle
It vibrates so fast
It is in more places than one
It vibrates so fast
In and out of existence
In and out of time
You cannot tell when it comes
And when it goes
It gives the illusion
It is in one place
Yet it is in the other
It is coming in and out
Of existence
But it appears to stay
Solid matter
Solid and physical
Like you and me
Yet it is constantly moving
Leaving and coming back
It is constantly moving to another place
As if another particle
As if another person
As if another object of space
But it is the same particle
It is just in a different location
Moving there and back so fast
You cannot tell its the same one
It appears to be separate
But it is not
It is one
One particle
Many places
One particle
Many faces
Many people
Many parts of you




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