The world has again
Been split open
Like a bleeding wound
Overflowing pain seeping as rivers
Our eyes weeping tears
As shivers arise
From the depths of our spines
As we cry out to the highest high
Oh why, Oh why
We want to hide
To close our eyes
From the blinding truths
That pervert our beautiful planet
But we shall not shrivel in fear
Cursing the ones behind it
We shall not hate
From behind the gates
Of what once was our perceived freedom
We shall look through the eyes of all that is
And all that ever was
And ever will be
Through the eyes of possibilities
Of where humanity can go
A divine idea as mysterious
As the skies that flirt with our planets
In the galactic perfection
Of a most curious dance
A divine idea as mysterious
As the ferocious drumming that beats
Over 7 billion human hearts
We can love you, perpetrators
We can weep for the pain in your hearts
The incomprehensible lives that we rarely realize
Are calling you to a purpose
Beyond yourselves
A purpose to perhaps live for
But more boldly
A purpose to die for
For what other purpose have you grown to know
What has the world shown you?
You’ve seen more devastation
Than we could ever imagine
We can show you love
Despite how you stole the breath
Of so many of our human brothers and sisters
We understand
You have watched your own brothers and sisters
Perish right in your arms
Perish in horrific clouds of experiences
There are no words for
Where the majority of us
May have only heard about it on tv
We will rise beside you and show you
You are still loved
We shall stand strong together
We shall lift the fallen from their knees
We shall show them how to believe
In love again
In good again
We shall open doors to those in need
To refugees who sing of long nights
Of lights at a never ending tunnel
We shall sing for the good fight
For leaving them to drown in raging waters
Will only perpetrate the cycle
Let us stand together
Those who believe in the future
Where everyone knows their value
And their purpose in light
Inside their destiny
To shine
And use their one precious life
To honor and value and uplift
Every precious breath
Every precious heart beating
Of every precious living being
And understand we are all in this together
No matter the differences that seem to divide us
And this will bring us even closer
As a wall against evil
We will erupt in volcanoes of blinding light
Throughout the canyons of chaos
And when we cry
Oh why, Oh why
We will know why
So we can realize our need for more forward motion
Towards our path for PEACE
So we can further experience and embrace our love for PEACE
So we can we deepen that desire of PEACE
And drive more power behind the idea
Of love and P.E.A.C.E
And a life worth living for E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E
And for those who have the power to empower ourselves
To use it for good and empower others
Who may have been born without our good fortune
Believe in this indestructible love
Unconditional love that radiates
Even within the exploding skies
Crying tears of bloody rain
Even within the the bombs in hearts
The bombs in hands
The fear in lives
This love will overcome
We will find you
And we will love you
And we will show you
And the world
That anything
Is absolutely possible




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