Poetic Experiences


Life is a colossally prodigious expression of poetic abstraction. We get to live it, breathe it, interpret it, challenge it, change it, choose it, shove it in the face, embrace it, honor it, indulge it. We get to perceive it, question it, translate it, express it back to itself, and look at it in a whole new way. We get to immerse ourselves within it and regurgitate it back as something with new meaning and depth to help us understand what it all means and accept we may never know. It happens without anyone even realizing it. In every conversation. Every time skin touches other skin. When someone smiles. When a tear steals the space on someone’s cheek. When you look straight into each other’s eyes. When you feel the sun warming your face. When you are thirsty and you drink water that never tasted so good. When the wind sends chills up your spine and you can see your hot breath escaping to run away with it. It’s all poetic. And it’s all experience exchange.




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