It’s Practically Magic


Now is everything
Everything is now
Your power is now
No matter what happened yesterday
Or 10 years ago…
How you feel about it now
And how you feel right now
Are what you have the power to control
The power to continuously pay attention
To your emotional processes
Focus your conscious thoughts
And adjust how you feel
Takes time and effort to maintain
But it can change your entire world
It effects what you notice
In the physical space around you
How you react to it
How others respond to you
And how you ultimately create your reality
The potential within these ideas
And their application in real life is surreal
The more you talk about
And pay attention to them
The more they become a part of you
Incredibly empowering results can be achieved
When they are consciously applied
You can also learn a great deal
In reflection of moments
Where you may have forgotten them
Or allowed yourself to cycle
Down a path of thoughts
That do not benefit you or others
It is very exciting
To see the process come alive
These abstractions
Have their own passionate
And pulsating life force
And when you can align
Your passionate and pulsating life force
With them…
Poof… it’s practically magic




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