Recurring Realities


Behind the screen
I was in the dream
I was next to you
My hands were full
I felt the pressure
Didn’t know who it was
Couldn’t open my eyes
But I heard a voice beside me
You’re in my bed
Laughing where have I been
What did he see
In my hands
I look out the screen
And suddenly believe I am free
If only I can push it through
So I do
And I fall
But I become awake
Inside my dream
And I catch the wind
The ocean below me
Soaring I am alive
Heading straight for the psychedelic ahead
Of a world I control
And I land
In a small town
With funny cars
And sweet boys
And I only want one thing
I go after it – I don’t wait
Not like the real world
I am testing the bait
Then I lose my control
I am back in my bed
I am piecing together
What a journey it has been
As it fades from my visual
I am missing links
I am looking for pieces
To fill in the blanks




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