The Bear Will
Be Cared For
And So Will I


I knew before
before I knew I knew
what I needed to know
but I couldn’t let go
Let go of my bear
Release the claws in my hair
His sharp teeth in my chest
His tongue orbiting my skin
Now my heart is learning to heal
But it still hurts
Burnt burnt burnt
It is a crispy black hole
Turning me inside out
Some days I can stand
Most days I just melt
As my heart falls out
From under me
Taking my breath
Away with it
But I knew before I knew
I knew all along
When I wanted to be strong
While he cradled his paw
He stayed in the cave
And gave gave gave
Gave me his love
From the back of the cave
As he was hiding in the cave
So it passed right over me
I didn’t understand
Cause he roared roared roared
But I was scared
I wanted to soar soar soar
High above the caves
I wanted to love
But I was never enough
I could never get him to come out
I knew before I knew
What I needed to know
That I would fade away
If I stayed beside his cave
Never invited fully in
Unseen and unknown
For he would rather be alone
With his thoughts and beliefs
But its hard to let go
Even when I know it
I miss him
But time will heal all scars
Time will take my bear away
And he will be cared for
And so will I




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