The Brilliance
In Transitional


I see you
I know you are breathing heavy
Under fire and smoke
Your heart choking
Your soul sinking
Your light fading
But I see you
I know you are swirling in clouds
A tornado sucking you down
Through messy thoughts
Destructive thoughts
Scary thoughts
But I see you
And I know your power
I know where your thoughts
Are capable to flow
You will glow again
I see you
I know you are frightened
Your spirit stripped bare
Exposing raw flesh
The secrets
Deep within you
And I know where this ends
Your ember is weak
But it still burns
It refuses to release
It will never cease to seize
That dying spark
And believe
I see you
And I see the mountains and valleys
The peaks and the creeks
The brilliance in transitional experience
And I see you
I see when you wake
When you arrive from the night
When the nightmare makes sense
And you look back
And you wouldn’t trade a moment
You wouldn’t give a second lost
In the blazing black woods back
You wouldn’t throw a single stone
From your broken home back
You take those dead trees
And you take those stones
And you breathe back in life
You rebuild your ever evolving mind
Into ever deeper zones
A complex spirit moving complex bones
A stronger heart now ready to start
Now seeing the part where he can serve on the earth
To make a better world
And if you hadn’t been twisted and twirled
Into a soot covered pearl
You would never know the cost
The price to pay to see new skies
To peer through new eyes
To lead in the way you are destined




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