The Fuse Versus
The Muse


I wonder and I wait
Will they take the bait
They are falling for the tricks
Finding you are now their fix

I wonder and I wait
Will you take the cake
It is becoming very clear
You are getting very near

Observing the unraveling
Purposeful exhibitions
You didn’t learn it on your own
Daggers cloaks and clones

Are they coming for me
I may be left behind
For I find myself embracing
The opposite abyss

I wonder what is fate
What if all is but a game?
A muse and a creator
Both as powerful as ever

I wonder will I reach
Allow my hands release
To bring me in your view
With my paradoxical fuse

Yet the device inside me
Is drumming louder than ever
When my explosive charge ignites
The difference is no matter




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