The Journey Is A
Part Of The Answer


Feel the anticipated bliss
The knowing of what is
The ease of the next step
Know you are getting closer
The journey is a part of the answer
To let go and roll with the flow
Every day that slips through fingers
Do not grieve for the loss
Be relieved for this day
That lungs are still breathing
Be abundant with gratitude
For the swelling heart inside
That rises like an ocean tide
And covers you like the shore
To wet your palette once more
To let you taste the salty joys
The salty tears that stream your face
When you feel the rage of life inside
Every day is a calling
Has a message
Has a meaning
And we get to choose what it is
We get to choose how to feel
Whether to fly
Or slowly die inside
Choose to soar
To scream in rapturous roars
Like a lover torn apart
By a love so deep and divine
It shines right through from your insides
Radiate and stimulate
The butterfly beating in your chest
Give it to the wind
To explore
And understand
To philosophize
Why it’s important
What it means to feel good
To taste the breeze
To seek out the experiences
And thoughts
And desires
That drive the wild child
That sometimes wants to hide
And set her free




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