The Most Important
Thing You Will
Ever Look For


What do you love

What makes you feel alive

What makes your heart
 ravish the entire space surrounding you

Like a light or balloon

Expanding out from your chest

Expanding to contain you
And then the room

The building
The street
Your city

The country

The entire earth

Until you are expanded


And yet within
All the cosmos

What fills you 
with such intense drive

Passionate desire
And uncontrollable focus

That you wake up racing 
to plunge into motion

And go to bed at night
Reveling about the details of your day
What makes the hairs on your neck

Stand straight up with anticipation
What ignites the flame blazing your faith
In knowing that every breath
That escapes
 from between your lips
Was worth it

What do you fantasize about
Or expressing

What makes you wild with strong 

And barely controllable emotion
When you talk about it

Emotion that feels good

And life changing
If even only for the moment

Do more of that
Talk more about that

Talk less about dramatic illusions

Confront the ironically complex question
Of what is your passion

Realize it may be an unanswerable question
Because it evolves
Because you evolve

But fearlessly keep it close

Appreciate it’s silent yet ferocious roar

There is a profound purring inside all of us
A whispering echo that cries out
To intimately know and express itself
From the depths of our inner being
We can tap into it if we only believe it exists
And we have the hunger to experience it

Create everyday



Question your beliefs and reality

Allow yourself to evolve and grow

As you learn and experience
New ideas
And perceptions

Educate yourself with material 
with substance and depth
That inspires and excites you

Live on your own terms
And create magical moments

In your life 
and in the lives of those you touch
Speak and honor truth
No matter what
Surround yourself with people 
and objects
You believe to be incredible
Notice and appreciate beauty in everything

Think more about what you love

And you will find more of what you love

What do you love

Wonder if you will love it and go after it

Realize you don’t really love it anymore 
and change your mind

Change your course

But keep looking

Don’t ever give up

Because what you love will change

Follow that flow

Follow your impulses

Your inspirations

Your curiosities

Change your mind

Change your plan

But never stop looking

Don’t ever give up

Don’t ever believe it is too late

Find what makes your heart rapturous in motion

And do that as much as possible

Until you want to try something new

It will change

You will change

Love the change

And keep looking

Don’t be afraid to jump off the cliff

And dive into the unknown adventures

Of what if i were to flip everything upside down

Let it kill you

Let it make your heart’s palpitations

Feel like you’re about to explode across the galaxy

That’s how I want to go




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