The Sticky
Goo Virus


I let the bubble burst
Covering me like a suffocating plastic wrapper
It was filling with ideas
And obligations
Regrets and delusions
Illusions created from fear
This is not who I wanted to become
I have only myself to blame
But I see through the faded distractions
The melted words that flowed down their tongues
And across my face
Seeping deep into my psyche
And leaving me with a layer of filth
That I had worked so hard to clean
That I had worked so hard to leave behind
The perceptions of others
Created a reality of their own
Encompassing the little world
I tried to belong to
I wondered if the truth is maybe they saw
Before I did
That I did not belong at all
And that is why I fell into a sea of chaos
A well of fear
Why do I long to be back there
With you
But why do we let others infiltrate our thoughts
As if we have no guiding light of our own
We know better
I think I do
How to survive the spread of their ill-informed convictions
Keep yourself alive
Do not fail to speak
To burn bright with the knowledge of your fire inside
And what you know is true for you
Drama is a virus
A sticky goo
That makes people feel connected
Without realizing they are infected
Gum that insults the place it is discarded
By never really coming off
And never really letting go




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