Waiting For Something
To Change Changes


Restless awakenings
Frightening realizations
Of how very little we have traveled
And how very far we are
From where we want to be
Ironic smiles longing for restoration
A new destination
A new consolation prize
Hours and hours searching for an answer
Anxious flapping on internet and tv screens
Worthless emotions wasted on stories that do not inspire you
This cannot go on forever
Not if we want to make waves in this silent solid state of matter
Waiting for a hero
Waiting for a discovery
To be discovered
For unanswered questions and answers uncovered
To cover you like rain
Taking away all the insane thoughts and curiosities
That might actually make a difference
If you followed them through
Everything is nothing
Nothing will not come to you
That is one thing that will never change
But everything will change eventually
If I cannot move a mountain
I will still try to move stars
Cause that’s how hard
How very hard
I believe in you
But I believe
It is time to change




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