In The Chaos


Soft wind, light rain
Drift me into another dimension
Seeking comfort within the insight
You never failed to mention
A dreamscape delivers
I am taunted by desire
Fill me up with your spirit
Fill me up to inspire
Just then my consciousness slips away
And you and I are one
I will spread the word of your good
I will treat the world to your ways
What I wouldn’t give to relive this
Relief so high I am flying
The feel of living without dying
In your night there is sun
In your storm there is warmth
Into the wounds you cleanse what is worn
The poor, the hungry, the torn
Will we ever bring the rest to peace?
Whispers in the chaos
War is over if we want it
And I collapse to the ground
Throw away grenades of hot tears
For the restless are resting
When beside you




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