You Can’t Run
From Circumstance


I cant change what I’ve said
I can’t take back what I’ve done
To see your eyes like birds in the sky
Blinking wings wondering where I’ve gone
What I’ve done
I can only move on

You wont believe it is true
But I do think of you
In every breath from his lips
In every sweaty raindrop of kisses
I always wonder if you know
If you’re watching from a window
Aware of the truth
That buries the dreams we once knew

I was always honest in your arms
Faithful till the end
I should not have pretended
To have no locks on my heart
I should have showed you the bruises
When I stretched my arms wide to rip them apart
And the pain that it caused after all those years
I could only melt away and slip under the chains I had heavy on my skin
As we pretended the tears in your bed
Were fed from the wine
Instead of my head

And further and further
The bricks went high
Built layer by layer
The truth was denied
The truth became lies
And we whispered in silence
Whispers fierce like fireballs
Burning our skin
Till we were so far away
Till the words of our hearts we could no longer say

The truth that prevails is the truth of this
I never pretended to love you
It was real
It was rare
It was unfair
The circumstances of when we began
And how I ran
And how I always returned
For your room closed around us
Our little home
A world of our own
Until forks and knives
Cut us in two
Took the wives away for good
Cause she was promised away
Before your grown up wishes
Requested the little girl stay




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